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About the retret
May 02, 2024, 10:00 AM
Five days that will focus on healing and completion. The Constalia works on traumas that originate from intergenerational transmission. The process liberates and allows us to regain our strength and be able to effortlessly release negative behavior patterns that block us from being healthy and satisfied.
About Noga

Noga Maivar

Welcome to my space

Somatic therapist with over 20 years of clinical  practice with individuals and couples.
Specializing in relationships, sexuality and intimacy.

My way is a way of healing. I have always dealt with it. In me and with others. 

I believe that in order to develop we must look for the hidden parts within us, those that are in the shadows and do not receive permission and expression. When places that have been cut off from ourselves receive recognition and return to belong to us, we grow. It's a simple physical movement.  

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Participants share their experience:

Anat, Social Worker and Marriage Counselor

“I learned about myself that I’m already grown up, that I have a certain balance in my life, and that I’d love to have more order. I’ve just started touching this path and it’s already putting things in order for me in a deeply painful, empowering, and liberating way. I learned an important method for the clinic that I’ve already started using. This path involves trying to be present and bypassing the mind.”

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Noga Maivar
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