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About me

Noga Maivar.MA

In the last two decades, I have guided thousands of people on their paths of development.

The tools I have at my disposal are words, therapeutic techniques, facilitation skills, and content, but above all—being present, maintaining deep connection and attention, firstly to myself, and from there to the world.

My mission is to inspire people to be powerful, to live life to the fullest, to be aware of their power to create the life they want, and to connect to a felt sense of meaning and self-love.

 I believe that development processes can be enjoyable no less than they need to be challenging.

I believe that in order to fully live life, we need to agree to feel…everything and a lot.

We need to learn the humility of dedication and  respect for the wise movement of the river of life.


This space will offer you several paths to walk on.

Bring your good walking shoes and some water along, we’re going on a journey...

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