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Noga Maivar

Welcome to my space

Somatic therapist with over 20 years of clinical  practice with individuals and couples.
Specializing in relationships, sexuality and intimacy.

My way is a way of healing. I have always dealt with it. In me and with others. 

I believe that in order to develop we must look for the hidden parts within us, those that are in the shadows and do not receive permission and expression. When places that have been cut off from ourselves receive recognition and return to belong to us, we grow. It's a simple physical movement.  

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About me

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In 2002, I was certified as a Focusing professional and teacher by the International Focusing Institute in New York, I left the high-tech world, my company car, and executive insurance policy, and started working as a therapist and a Focusing teacher. I opened Focusing school and developed a unique curriculum that places great emphasis on experiential methods.

Later I encountered the Family and Systemic Constellation and the rest is history...:)

 My path is one of healing. I have always been involved in healing, within myself and with others.

I believe that in order to develop, we need to look for the hidden parts within ourselves, those that are in the shadows and that don’t receive permission and expression. When we take back places that we’ve cut off from ourselves and give them recognition, we grow. It’s a simple physical movement.

We were created perfectly with no unnecessary part in our body or mind.

In order to live a full life that comes with a sense of power, joy, and creativity, we need to agree to use our full potential in all our wonderful centers of power.

Through my own personal journey, I learned that one of our most important and meaningful centers is sexuality.That is where much of our pent-up life energy, passion, boldness, playfulness, drive , and creativity are. It is an important and significant center of power (that is responsible for the creation of life and reality). As such, throughout cultural history it has aroused many fears, and many mechanisms and social conditions have been created around it that are designed to control, suppress, and limit it.

People have learned to fear their own sexuality and that of others. Humanity has consecrated and developed other centers of power, but the sexual center of power remains in the dark. Today we are living in times where the knowledge and skill for using our other centers of power is available and accessible. The sexual center of power is still conceived as dangerous, fear-inducing, and dark, and therefore there are many shadows and voices hidden in it that are not given legitimacy. Paradoxically, the more we lack the freedom to face what needs healing in this area, the more shadows hide in it. This situation creates a developmental gap that we all experience both culturally and personally.

The time is ripe to see that if we don’t start exposing the knowledge of our powers of healing and change, we won’t be able to progress and develop further. As long as we don’t heal the ongoing struggle between the sexes within us and outside of us, the harmony in the world will remain limited.

In order for healing to take place, we must leave the familiar patterns of our habits and go out and broaden our perspective.

We all carry within us personal and collective traumatic memories related to relationships between the sexes.

We recycle these memories in order to try to solve and heal them, but the people we meet keep representing the difficulty and pain. We react to them from within this perspective. The result is pain and unhealthy patterns that recur in our sexuality and relationships.

Every interaction we have with the world is an act of cross-fertilization, whether it’s my child, the sea that I’m sitting and looking at, the text that I’m writing, or a physical act of love. We cross-fertilize all the time, but most of us don’t yet realize our full potential with every interaction we have with the world. The possibility of living fully in a healthy, safe reality, passes through the healing of all the places that we have not yet had the courage to shine a light on.

I believe that true healing must pass through experience. When the body absorbs the experience, we can move toward a change that happens almost on its own and without effort. I teach deep listening to ourselves from the perception that we are fully responsible for creating our reality and for the full realization of who we can be.

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And now, the formal part about me:


A somatic therapist with more than 20 years of clinical experience with individuals and couples, specializing in relationships, sexuality, and intimacy.

A pioneer of the Focusing method in Israel, a certified therapist and senior Focusing teacher (Focusing Coordinator) certified to certify Focusing therapists and teachers (the highest certification in the world), on behalf of the International Focusing Institute in New York. Founder of the Focusing Israel community on Facebook.

Part of the founding team and a member of the board at the Constellations Path, The Institute for the Study of Systemic Constellations Israel (ISSCI) founded by Yishai Gaster. 

An international facilitator of workshops, courses, and conscious intimacy ceremonies.

Selected to be one of the 1,000 outstanding facilitators in their field at the largest international conference in the world, the Embodiment Conference, which was attended by over half a million people.

The founder of Focusing Inside—one of the first Focusing schools in Israel.

Author of two booklets for teaching Focusing.

Founder of the Ishtar school and of the program for sexuality with a somatic approach.


M.A. in organizational sociology from Tel Aviv University, Israel

B. A. in sociology and education from Tel Aviv University, Israel

Facilitator of multidisciplinary groups at Gishot Institute in conjunction with Bar-Ilan University

Facilitator and lecturer.

Organizational consultant.

Noga Maivar
Feel free to contact me

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