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Family Constellation Training
A deep journey of healing 

​Oct 31th - Nov 4th


Family Constellation focuses on healing traumas that originate from intergenerational transference.
This 5 days event is the first module of a constellation training program. It is designed to be a healing journey for individuals, yet also providing the basic knowledge in Family Constellation practice for therapists and healers.


About the retret
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About the retreat

A five days training & retreat in Family Constellation in a fabulous place in Berlin - Germany.

The process is liberating and allows us to reclaim our power and be able to effortlessly release negative behavior patterns that are blocking us from being healthy and satisfied.

A deep journey of healing in the heart of one of the most eclectic and colorful cities from a cultural point of view, with family constellation.
We will learn how to use the method Family Constellation as well as sharing a powerful experience of being connected to the human tribe from a place that acknowledges the different parts of a system and gives recognition to the gift each part has. 
Family Constellation is a healing method and combines therapy with shamanism. It focuses on healing traumas that originate from intergenerational transference. The process is liberating and allows us to reclaim our power and be able to effortlessly release negative behavior patterns that are blocking us from being healthy and satisfied.
This retreat will present Family Constellations. It is the first module of a constellation training program and is designed to provide both experiential and didactic experience of this unique process. It is an opportunity to explore and experience a FC field with a group, and to take part by representing, in the delicate different tissues of one's issue as well as learning more how to integrate this method in our toolbox.
In the process, we will observe and seek places that need recognition and healing, and we'll find a new way of being with it, that will echo back into life and will create the possibility of change. Each person participating will get the chance to work through life changing processes. 
In a magical way, when a group gathers to support one's process the participant's role play can connect to their personal challenges and transformation can happen many times just by taking part in someone else's process.


Who is it for

The training is intended for trainers, therapists, psychologists and consultants who wish to add a powerful and practical tool to their toolbox. However, this is an experiential retreat that invites each of the participants to go through a journey of development themselves, so that this retreat can also be taken with the aim of going through a space of development that allows for personal change and growth.


This retreat contains the introductory unit in constellation studies. For those who would like to specialize in the constellation as a therapeutic work tool, it will be possible to continue the training course.

(More details will be given to those who are interested)



Early Bird €700

Normal Bird 850€

*We have a limited amount of helpers spot with a discount. Reach out if you are interested.


single room: 595€, double room 495€ , 

All rooms  include private bathroom & food for the whole time.


The venue is a spacious and comfortable old hotel, located around one hour drive from Berlin city center and surrounded by beautiful nature. Exact details about the location will be provided upon registration.

Daily Schedule

9-10 breakfast

10-2 group session
2-4.30 lunch break
4.30-7 group session
7 dinner & free evening flow

10 - 11 AM , begin first session 12

time: 17:00

About Noga

Noga Maivar

Welcome to my space

In the last two decades, I have guided thousands of people on their paths of development.

The tools I have at my disposal are words, therapeutic techniques, facilitation skills, and content, but above all—being present, maintaining deep connection and attention, firstly to myself, and from there to the world.

My mission is to inspire people to be powerful, to live life to the fullest, to be aware of their power to create the life they want, and to connect to a felt sense of meaning and self-love.

 I believe that development processes can be enjoyable no less than they need to be challenging.

I believe that in order to fully live life, we need to agree to feel…everything and a lot.

We need to learn the humility of dedication and respect for the wise movement of the river of life. 

This space will offer you several paths to walk on.

Bring your good walking shoes and some water along, we’re going on a journey...

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Participants Share Their Experience:

Anat, Social Worker ַ& Marriage Counselor

“I learned about myself that I’m already grown up, that I have a certain balance in my life, and that I’d love to have more order. I’ve just started touching this path and it’s already putting things in order for me in a deeply painful, empowering, and liberating way. I learned an important method for the clinic that I’ve already started using. This path involves trying to be present and bypassing the mind.” 

Image by Marek Piwnicki
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