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Welcome to my space

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In the last two decades I have accompanied thousands of people on their development paths.

The tools at my disposal are words, therapeutic techniques, the skill of guiding and presenting content, but above all presence and deep connection and attention, first of all to myself and from there to the world.


My mission is to inspire people to be powerful, to live life to the fullest, to be aware of their power to create their own reality as they wish and connect to a sense of meaning and self-love.


I believe that development processes can be just as enjoyable as they should be challenging.

I believe that in order to live fully we must agree to feel. Everything and a lot.
To learn humility of devotion and respect for the river of life whose movement knows more than we do.


The current space will offer several paths to walk in. 

Take water and good walking shoes with you, we are going on a journey..

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upcoming events

Retreat in Sinai
24-29/4 (Independence + weekend) module in a special atmosphere

The gates of reason

Annual study program  focus and constellations (evening/morning cycle)

The paths of love

Constellations course 

(8 sessions) for relationships and intimacy

Participants tell about their experience:


"I became aware of how much I thirst for tenderness, silence, and intimacy. The constellations, the guidance, the exercises, the group - everything was good! Brings order, peace of mind, and supports development. It was fascinating the role and place of sexuality in intergenerational transmission. Nega is an experienced and highly professional instructor, managing to make room For every participant in the group and attentive to the needs of the field​."

Dr. Gil, transpersonal psychotherapist

"I've learned about myself that I'm already grown up, that I have a certain balance in my life and I'd love to have more order. I just started touching this way and it's already bringing order in a deeply painful, empowering and liberating way. I learned an important method for the treatment room that I've already started using. A way that involves trying to be present and bypassing the head ".


 Anat, social worker and couple therapist

"I understood the disruption of the order in the nuclear system from which I came, I understood what caused it, where and in what way the energy was pumped. I understood why I felt invisible in this system. Now I have a little more compassion for that character. I realized that I was traumatized and now I have more tools to try to understand its consequences, even though I still don't know what it is and who caused it.. I feel that I have less control, I feel that other channels have opened, I understood a little more about what happens in the nuclear family system, I changed the point of view I was holding. I realized that each time, consciously but without control, I place myself outside the group. Thanks for all the gifts." 

Yael, therapist and workshop leader

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