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The paths of love

 Constellations Retreat in Sinai

בנושא יחסים, מיניות ואינטימיות

 Constellations Retreat in Sinai

April 24-29

(Independence Day + the weekend)

Modula on behalf of the school LConstellation (certificate eligibility)

on relationships, sexuality and intimacy 

Om Symbol on the Beach

About the retreat:

כולנו זקוקים לאינטימיות. אנחנו עסוקים בזה, כמהים לזה, מחפשים להתקרב, ומשתוקקים להיות במגע, אבל בסוף, כשאנחנו נפגשים הרבה פעמים מה שננגע בנו זה דווקא הפצעים שלנו. הפצע שלנו נמצא שם בגלל נסיבות החיים שלנו: יחסים עם ההורים, אירועי חיים טראומטיים, יחסים קודמים עם בני המין השני, אבל זהו רק הרובד העליון של הסיפור.  מתחת לרובד הזה יושב הרבה פעמים אירוע היסטורי יותר, משפחתי או תרבותי, שבו מושרשת התגובה האוטומטית שלנו.

We all need intimacy. We are busy with it, yearning for it, looking to get closer, and longing to be in touch, but in the end, when we meet many times, what touches us is precisely our wounds. Our wound is there because of our life circumstances: relationships with parents, traumatic life events, previous relationships with members of the opposite sex, but this is only the top layer of the story.

Beneath this layer often sits a more historical, familial or cultural event, in which our automatic response is rooted. Our very belonging to a certain gender that has collective memories, can influence us to adopt certain beliefs, fears and behaviors. The understanding that we are captives within identities that are related to being women or men, and that there is a struggle between the sexes allows us to begin to find out in depth the reasons for what we experience and feel. 

When you touch the place where the wound was created, at its root, you can see what happened, understand and recognize the parts that were not given a place, and only then many times, you can find a new place to stand in front of it. Until we do that, we will continue to walk around the world and bring our wounds together instead of actually meeting. 

At the retreat we will all explore what stands between us and love, and each and every one of us will be able to come into contact with his/her personal wound with the aim of creating healing in relations between the sexes on a personal and collective level

where and when:

The retreat will be held at  Meditation CampBras Hattan (about 40 minutes drive from the border), and will start on 4/24 at 4:00 p.m. until Saturday 4/29 at 2:00 p.m.

Arrival is independent and registration does not include trips to Eilat, taxis to the border and the beach, transit fees.


The price of the retreat:

Participation in the retreat - NIS 2,950 (can be divided into installments).

Accommodation per person in a room includes two meals: Monday-Friday (5 nights), payment in cash and arranged on the spot.

-  for a person in a mixed marriage - 500 NIS
- per person in an air-conditioned double/triple room with shower and toilet inside - NIS 600 

About the host:

Nega Mibar .MA

Somatic therapist with over 20 years of clinical experience with individuals and couples.
Specializing in issues of relationships, sexuality and intimacy.
Certified Therapist and Senior Focusing Coordinator (Focusing Coordinator) is certified to certify therapists and focusing teachers (the highest certification in the world), on behalf of the World Focusing Organization in New York.
Caregiver and teacher for a family constellation. Part of the founding team and member of the school board at "Derech Constellation" - the Israeli school for constellations founded by Yishai Gaster. .

International facilitator for workshops, courses and ceremonies for conscious intimacy.

She was chosen to be one of the 1000 leading facilitators in the field at the largest international conference in the world, attended by over half a million people, The Embodiment Conference.

Founder of "Focusing Inside" - one of the first schools for learning focus in Israel.

The founder of "Ishtar - a workshop center and training school to accompany processes in the field of sexuality and the founder of the program for sexuality with a somatic approach.

- MA in organizational sociology from Tel Aviv University.

- BA Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Education from Tel Aviv University.

- Guiding multidisciplinary groups at the Gishat Institute in conjunction with Bar-Ilan University.

  Facilitates process groups for healing sexuality.
- An organizational consultant

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For additional questions, leave details here:

Thank you, we will contact you soon


Participants share their experience:

Anat, Social Worker and Marriage Counselor

“I learned about myself that I’m already grown up, that I have a certain balance in my life, and that I’d love to have more order. I’ve just started touching this path and it’s already putting things in order for me in a deeply painful, empowering, and liberating way. I learned an important method for the clinic that I’ve already started using. This path involves trying to be present and bypassing the mind.”

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