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Led by Nega Mivar and guest teachers

November 2023  
Monday morning route 10:00 - 15:30 in Pardes Hana once every two weeks
Morning route Tuesdays 10:00 - 15:30 in Pardes Hana once every two weeks
In the amount of 150 NIS

Who is the program for?

 For the professionals of the therapeutic spectrum and those who wish to dive into a deep development journey in a rich experiential and didactic space, for those who are looking for their next leap.

Acceptance is conditional on a personal interview

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Nir Esterman (M.Sc)

A teacher of constellations

Family and systemic constellation teacher at school through the constellation.

Develops the "Shadow Constellation" and "The Body Speaks" approaches.

Teacher at the Virtual University for Systemic Trauma. 

Teacher of body-centered shadow work in the training program for embodiment artists.

Guide to the Greenberg method.

Nir Melamed guides and treats Israel and the world. In his work he focuses on fusing disconnections - both internal, family and intergenerational, combining observation and work within and between individuals in therapeutic and instructional spaces.

אן וייזר קורנל
Ann Weiser Cornell
The world's leading focus teacher

Ann Weiser Cornell is an internationally known author and psychology educator who has been working with the Focusing process since she learned it in 1972 from its originator, Eugene Gendlin. As the CEO of Focusing Resources, she has taught in twenty countries around the world for more than thirty-five years, as well as online. She is the co-creator (with Barbara McGavin) of Inner Relationship Focusing and Untangling®. Her books include: The Radical Acceptance of Everything and Focusing in Clinical Practice: The Essence of Change. Ann was a Woodrow Wilson scholar at the University of Chicago, where she received her PhD in Linguistics in 1975. She is well known for her ability to articulate the language that facilitates inner process, teaching the art of enabling clients to deepen process through subtle empathic prompts and unintrusive invitations. Peter Levine called the methods in his latest book "magic made simple, pure and simple."

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 Yashi Gaster

Founder of the School of Constellations in Israel

Born in 1958. Senior international facilitator and teacher in the approach
The systemic-family and organizational constellation. In 2006 he founded the School for Systemic Constellation Studies in Israel, today 'Derech Constellation'. Son of the founding parents of Kibbutz Amiad in the Galilee, married plus three sons. Lived 17 years in London, one year in Tokyo and three years in California. With a background in agriculture, theater, and integrative physical psychotherapy, he has been teaching and guiding Constellation in Israel and around the world since 1996.

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Acceptance is conditional upon matching and a personal interview

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The payment includes all weekly meetings including the accommodation of the weekend

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Early registration 14,450

Late registration 15,950

Can be deployed in installments.

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The program is moderated by Nega Mivar in collaboration with guest moderators

Study structure:
18 sessions of 5.5 hours 
+  Weekend without accommodation (possibility of accommodation for Shabbat observers)
Two-way meetings
Boaiim in Pardes Hana (on Mondays and Tuesdays in two different groups)
on Mondays 
10:00-15:30 once a fortnight starting from 23.10
Tuesdays 10:00-15:30 once a fortnight starting October 24

A total of 150 academic hours

Syllabus of the program

Learning Family Constellation : 

A powerful therapeutic tool for identifying, changing and healing blockages, for working with intergenerational transfer through the use of Gestalt techniques: working with representations and field:

  • Introduction to constellations
    The concepts "representation" and "field" and the ways to work with them

  • The work of investigating the source of the subject
    resources in challenging processes

  • The family map and the relationship to pathologies in the human soul

  • Practice accompanying processes in constellations

  • Turning the barrier into a resource

  • Male and female in constellations

  • Sentences of recognition as a technique for the embodiment of healing

  • Creating a complete ceremonial experience

  • The drama triangle

  • My little wound

  • Breaking down the consequences of the relationship with the parents for the spouses

Learning FOCUSING - a basic and powerful tool from the world of physical psychotherapy. Listening to body sensations and dialogue with them:

  • Introduction to focus

  • "felt sense"

  • Radical listening

  • Listening barriers

  • language of presence

  • reflection and reverberation

  • Difficulty with bodily sensations

  • Maintaining a dialogue with the body 

  • Active listening leading practice of the body 

  • Orders as a work tool and technique for internal work

  • Male and female focus work

  • Tools for body work with emotional overflow

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Nega Mibar .MA

Somatic therapist with over 20 years of clinical experience with individuals and couples.
Specializing in issues of relationships, sexuality and intimacy.
Certified Therapist and Senior Focusing Coordinator (Focusing Coordinator) is certified to certify therapists and focusing teachers (the highest certification in the world), on behalf of the World Focusing Organization in New York.
Caregiver and teacher for a family constellation. Part of the founding team and member of the school board at "Derech Constellation" - the Israeli school for constellations founded by Yishai Gaster.

International facilitator for workshops, courses and ceremonies for conscious intimacy.

She was chosen to be one of the 1000 leading facilitators in the field at the largest international conference in the world, attended by over half a million people, The Embodiment Conference.

Founder of "Focusing Inside" - one of the first schools for learning focus in Israel.

The founder of "Ishtar - a workshop center and training school to accompany processes in the field of sexuality and the founder of the program for sexuality with a somatic approach.

- MA in organizational sociology from Tel Aviv University.

- BA Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Education from Tel Aviv University.

- Guiding multidisciplinary groups at the Gishat Institute in conjunction with Bar-Ilan University.

  Facilitates process groups for healing sexuality.
- An organizational consultant


What is focus?

Focusing is a therapeutic method that belongs to the world of physical psychotherapy.
It includes a deep technique for connecting with ourselves, for listening inside and directing attention to the body and to our inner experience. The process enables changing the internal dialogue and creating new and healthy relationships with internal parts within us, even when they hold fears, pains and traumatic places.


Focusing was created and developed by Prof. Eugene Gendlin, an American Jew who conducted research at the University of Chicago in the 1960s, which examined what makes psychotherapy effective. He discovered that patients who agree to be in touch with their inner world of experience and are in touch with their body sensations during the therapeutic session, experience significant breakthroughs, derive value from the process and progress. In contrast, patients who do not know how to do this, can continue to come to treatment for years without significant progress. Jedlin wondered if those patients could be taught the connection with what their bodies experienced and remembered, he developed a six-step method. The process of his patients who studied it completely changed and became effective. He called this method focusing.

Our body stores and saves every meaningful feeling, emotion and experience. We are not always aware of it, usually not. If we were aware of every piece of information that the body remembers, we would be constantly flooded, both with information and with a sensory experience that we had no way to regulate. In the end, if we were aware of everything that lives in us we would not be able to function effectively. Therefore, we are usually not in touch with most of the places that are activated within us, but when something hurts us or scares us, or when we recognize a pattern of behavior that we would like to change, or when we react disproportionately to events or situations, we can turn to the body, observe the somatic experience ours and understand better what lies in the unconscious and above all what we really need. 

Listening is directed to the inner experience of our body. Sensations, images and emotions that we can identify, will be able to tell 

We have something, which is beyond words, and beyond what could be understood with the help of logic alone, about the subject and about ourselves. Because unlike our cognitive part, which adopted defense, projection, transfer and suppression mechanisms, our body does not know how to bluff, twist or confuse. Through the sensations of the body, a direct connection is made with the unconscious, and at the same time our automatic reactions get a chance to make a change.

Focusing teaches us the experience of what it is like to be in our stable center, to know how to recognize when we are not in full agreement with what is happening, to recognize exactly where our boundaries are and when they are crossed.

The process allows us to take 100% responsibility for our experience, develop the inner parent or caregiver and grow ourselves as an autonomous entity with independent sovereignty. The resulting experience is one of deep connection and connection with ourselves, acceptance, self-love and deep awareness. Focusing allows us to fully express the power, creativity and drive of our desires in the world. 

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MA Moti Popel 
therapist and facilitator

Nega is sensitive, smart, deep and full of experience. The training led by her combines practical knowledge with experience and a significant personal process. I was privileged to learn from her 

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Michal Melamed

Clinical psychologist

Nega is a therapist with extraordinary depth and sensitivity, and these qualities stand out and accompany her even when she is in the position of teacher or supervisor. With Nega, I learned, among other things, focusing and constellation, and the classes were always lively, touching, instructive and deep. Every lesson with her somehow turned out to be unusually exciting.


Nega is one of the people in my life that I feel opened doors to new worlds for me, ones that thanks to them I grew and expanded both personally and professionally.

I could not have asked for a better teacher. I continue to learn more and more from her and I have a lot of appreciation for her. I know that those who study with her will receive a rare gift.

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Dr. Aliza Vig 

Clinical psychologist, director of the "Contact Signs" Institute

I embarked on a new journey and Nega's loving presence, kind eyes, sensitivity, listening and professionalism made it possible to create a special learning space and to receive all the knowledge and at the same time to do personal processes of growth and development. The ability to listen to the speaking body and be in a soft presence that combined theoretical study, observations and exercises built a wonderful infrastructure for continued learning. I feel it was a wonderful gift for me and for the families and caregivers I accompany.

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Amit Tzur

Psychotherapist, qualified therapist for adults and youth

In my opinion, the healing powers of Naga combine tools and knowledge both from this western, scientific, advanced world, and from the ancient, shamanic, wise, diverse and full of magic world. 

Her toolbox is large and spacious. 

With gentle and kind words, she finds her way into your soul, she caresses the wounds, and heals them deeply. 

Her motherly presence in your midst makes you feel that now everything is good, that there is stable ground and security, that you can rest, that you can get back in touch with your heart, get back in touch with your soul and what it asks for. Because that's where the healing lies. 

I appreciate and love Nega so much 

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