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The Paths of Love 
Introductory module in constellations

Constellation course (module) on relationships, sexuality and intimacy 

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A training course and an in-depth journey to study and guide constellations in the treatment room, workshops and ceremonies.


Family Constellation is a therapeutic process originating from shamanic rituals of the Zulu tribes in Africa, which was reshaped by Bert Hellinger, a German psychotherapist.

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The entire universe is based on two elements: male and female (inhalation and exhalation, night and day, active and passive, etc.), the dynamics that characterize them are polar and they have the potential to be in fertilization and create life and reality. For many generations what has characterized their relationship is struggle and conflict: exploitation, appropriation, injury, forcefulness, control and fear. Also within each and every one of us there is memory and femininity, no matter if we are a woman, a man or anything on the gender continuum, and within us there is also a connection and a relationship between them. Our deepest longing is to connect and be close and complete. To give and receive love, to experience security and freedom, but sometimes it doesn't work out. The Paths of Love is a module focused on relationships, sexuality and intimacy that seeks to explore the relationship between masculinity and femininity inside and outside of us, to heal the past and rewire our consciousness with the possibility of benevolent relationships, which are based on love, respect, visibility, empathy and acceptance._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ The module combines constellations with focus and a lot of sexual healing knowledge.

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About Constellation:
We have patterns, tendencies, incomprehensible fears or recurring situations that are difficult for us to trace where we "inherited" them from. They seem to have arisen by themselves for no apparent reason.
We suffer from them but cannot get rid of them. Often the source is rooted in something that happened in our history or the generations before us.

Family constellation is a deep group therapeutic process that allows to reveal the source and create a new order in it. The resulting healing is personal and collective because it is affected by life and affects it back.
This is similar to a garden hose that emits a weak stream of water. When you start walking back along it, you find that at a certain point it curved around an obstacle. When you release it, the water can again flow freely at its peak. We came here to live life like this, at the peak of our freedom. Expressing all of our parts and constellation processes can unravel tangled entanglements and support us in becoming a better version of ourselves.

Constellation deals with ritual healing and this course combines together elements such as therapy, focus, gestalt, embodiment and shamanism, so that a deep, mind-expanding journey rich in learning and experience emerges.
For a constellation to work requires the skill of relaxation in the face of what is happening, alert attention to details and a deep connection to feelings.

In the course we will dive into the deep waters of this magic called constellations, we will experience and learn from them representations and what a field is, we will explore concepts such as phenomenology, inter-individual and spatial transfer, we will find out how to deal with flooding, what to do when the field kidnaps the representatives and/or the facilitator. And how everything that happens is probably not by accident..

We will experience the powerful movements of this process and understand what can make a difference. In each process, each of the participants can experience healing, even when the subject is one of the participants, because each subject is both personal and collective and the participants can enter to represent parts or archetypes within the processes of others in the group and go through the internalization of a completely different perspective regarding reality and life.

The training course:
The course (Modula) is part of the curriculum for the certification of the Israeli School for Systemic Constellation founded by Yishai Gaster under the guidance of Nega Mivar.


Participants tell about their experience:


"I learned how much I thirst for tenderness, silence, and intimacy. The constellations, the guidance, the exercises, the group - everything was good! Brings order, peace of mind, and supports development. It was fascinating the role and place of sexuality in bindoor transfer. Nega is an experienced and highly professional instructor, managing to make room for all Participates in the group and is attentive to the needs of the field​."

Dr. Gil, transpersonal psychotherapist

"I've learned about myself that I'm already grown up, that I have a certain balance in my life and I'd love to have more order. I just started touching this way and it's already bringing order in a deeply painful, empowering and liberating way. I learned an important method for the treatment room that I've already started using. A way that involves trying to be present and bypassing the head ".


 Anat, social worker and couple therapist

"I understood the disruption of the order in the nuclear system from which I came, I understood what caused it, where and in what way the energy was pumped. I understood why I felt invisible in this system. Now I have a little more compassion for that character. I realized that I was traumatized and now I have more tools to try to understand its consequences, even though I still don't know what it is and who caused it.. I feel that I have less control, I feel that other channels have opened, I understood a little more about what happens in the nuclear family system, I changed the point of view I was holding. I realized that each time, consciously but without control, I place myself outside the group. Thanks for all the gifts." 

Yael, therapist and workshop leader

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About the host:

Nega Mibar .MA

Somatic therapist with over 20 years of clinical experience with individuals and couples.
Specializing in issues of relationships, sexuality and intimacy.
Certified Therapist and Senior Focusing Coordinator (Focusing Coordinator) is certified to certify therapists and focusing teachers (the highest certification in the world), on behalf of the World Focusing Organization in New York.
Caregiver and teacher for a family constellation. Part of the founding team and member of the school board at "Derech Constellation" - the Israeli school for constellations founded by Yishai Gaster. .

International facilitator for workshops, courses and ceremonies for conscious intimacy.

She was chosen to be one of the 1000 leading facilitators in the field at the largest international conference in the world, attended by over half a million people, The Embodiment Conference.

Founder of "Focusing Inside" - one of the first schools for learning focus in Israel.

The founder of "Ishtar - a workshop center and training school to accompany processes in the field of sexuality and the founder of the program for sexuality with a somatic approach.

- MA in organizational sociology from Tel Aviv University.

- BA Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Education from Tel Aviv University.

- Guiding multidisciplinary groups at the Gishat Institute in conjunction with Bar-Ilan University.

  Facilitates process groups for healing sexuality.
- An organizational consultant

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